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Physiotherapy For Your Horse

Physiotherapy is now an integral part of many equines maintenance regimes. Horses regularly pick up minor twinges as a result of saddles, riders, rugs, rough field play and often feel immediate relief of a physiotherapy session. Physiotherapy can successfully release tension in the sport horse and contrastingly provide relief to the geriatric equines suffering from ageing joints. Whatever the horses role, physiotherapy can benefit each individual helping them to move and feel the best they can.  Aside from treatments, vet physio's can also provide top tips on how to keep your horse feeling as supple and comfortable for as long as possible.

When To Consider Physiotherapy
  • Reluctance to be saddled or girthed

  • Suddenly head shy

  • Over sensitive during grooming

  • reluctance to move forward when ridden

  • Explosive behaviour such as bucking and rearing 

  • Stiffness on one rein compared to the other

  • Disunited in canter

  • Raised head carriage when ridden

  • Refusal to jump

  • A dip in performance

  • Coming back into ridden work

  • Following a musculoskeletal diagnosis from a vet

... plus many more.



History and habit information collection


Static (structural, postural)  dynamic, functional, palpatory assessment


Multi-modal, case specific treatment with owner feedback throughout


Management and exercise advice for long-term  improvements


Emailed detailed session report and 24/7 support

What To Expect: 
Prices & Packages: 

Physiotherapy Appointment

Time: Approx. 1 - 1.5hr

Cost: £60

Additional Ridden Assesment

Recommended for ridden issue complaints.

Cost: + £30

Pre-Purchase Assessment

Time: Up to 1hr

Cost: £40



Businesses requiring a regular physiotherapist.

Contact directly.

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