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About Herriot Veterinary Physiotherapy

Herriot Veterinary Physiotherapy is situated within the heart of North Yorkshire,  very near to Thirsk. It was setup by Trudie Gammon after completing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy in 2022. As a credit to her high level of training, Trudie is registered with both the National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists (NAVP) and the Register of Animal Musculoskeletal Practioners (RAMP) ensuring vets and owners peace of mind of appropriate, gold standard qualifications and insurances.

Trudie's additional qualifications and clinical experience ensures that clients receive a fully comprehensive and carefully considered service. Herriot Veterinary Physiotherapy is equipped to treat an array of animals, including commercial livestock, so please don't hesitate get in contact if you feel your animal may benefit from veterinary physiotherapy.

About Herriot Veterinary Physiotherapy
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About Trudie

Trudie set up Herriot Veterinary Physiotherapy upon completing her Veterinary Physiotherapy degree. Having grown up in Thirsk, Trudie became inspired by the story of James Herriot and spent much of her time outdoors surrounded by animals. Throughout her teen years, Trudie secured a variety of animal related jobs that provided her with invaluable animal care, health and behavioural experience. These include dog boarding kennels, livestock farms, various sport horse yards, a thoroughbred stud farm and additional experience with equine dentistry and in rescue shelters.

Trudie has ridden horses from a young age, gaining riding and training experience in the UK and abroad with many types of horses and trainers. She mostly enjoyed competing but developed an interest in working with inexperienced and young horses.


 Exposure to different approaches and techniques to optimise animal performance, and an interest in small animal orthopaedics, led Trudie towards her Veterinary Physiotherapy degree. During her degree, Trudie spent time at a canine hydrotherapy centre in North Yorkshire and on an equine rehabilitation yard in Lincolnshire.


As a practicing veterinary physiotherapist and equine halotherapist, Trudie maintains a key interest in equine performance and small animal orthopaedic rehabilitation.

About Trudie
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